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Cars for sale

Our company specializes on selling used vehicles, mostly the models of Škoda. However, in our offer you will find also a wide selection of German vehicles, such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen.

Each our car is carefully checked in terms of both - technical condition and history and mileage. Our cars have Czech origin, traceable history, and honest miles.

Each our vehicle is carefully prepared before the sale. That includes manual exterior and interior cleaning, car body polishing and repairs, diagnostics and driving performance testing.

We issue a CEBIA report upon the client's request.

We offer a possibility to check the selected vehicle by your mechanic in our partner’s car service.

Sell your car

We offer commission-based car sale under individual conditions. We will completely prepare your car for sale, recommend an optimal selling price, expose it in our showroom and arrange its presentation on Internet. We will also manage all administration related to the subsequent sale. You will save a lot of time and have no worries.

Our commission for cars with the selling price under CZK 329 000 is set at a fixed amount. With the selling price from CZK 330 000 we charge 3% + VAT.

Sell a car

Additional services

Auto finance with the best conditions
Car insurance through our trusted partner
Trade-in or purchase your old car in cash
Customer-order car search
Car import from Germany and other countries
Vehicle registration, preparation for the PTI
Customs clearance of imported vehicles and registration in the Czech Republic. We do even more complicated cases.

Our Founder

My name is Mikhail Kulik and my passion for cars has already begun in the childhood, when at the age of five my grandfather showed me how to drive his Zhiguli. At the age of twelve I was able to drive even trucks. In the middle school I had my own motorcycle and could drive long journeys by car to the neighbouring cities.

My first experience with the auto sale was a coincidence. I was studying my first year in college in Prague, when my mother asked me to bring her a car from Europe (that time my parents lived yet in Kazakhstan). I found a luxury Lexus RX-300 In Germany, drove nearly 3000 km, but finally she did not like it and asked me to sell it. And I did. In one day. With a 4000 $ profit. So that I started to earn money during my studies on car exports. Sometime later I focused on the Czech market and imported selected cars from Germany.

For a long time I was considering auto sale activities more as hobby, which I understand and enjoy. But now I have realized that man should do what he loves. And I am absolutely convinced that only a business with such philosophy has a real chance for success.